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Endorsed by the Sierra Club

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Friends, neighbors and supporters...

The result of the August 7, 2018 Democratic Primary is final, and I am thrilled with the success we had. The people had a chance to examine both candidates, and make a choice. Almost 2000 of you voted for me, and for that I am grateful.

There is still more to be done, keep strong until November!

I will continue going door to door, and meeting with neighborhood groups. It has been very educational hearing your thoughts about our city. I'm confident we can work together to find practical solutions to problems, both small & large, facing our city.

Ann Arbor is my home, and has always been a great community. I have lived here since 1983, all but a few years of that right here in Ward 1. For those of you who don't know me, there is much more information about me and my history of involvement in our community on my campaign news page.

In a nutshell, I want a city council that is:

- more responsive to the residents
- more open & transparent
- provides services commensurate with their cost
- seeks proper & best land use
- willing to take action on the environment, protect our water
- can maintain mutually-beneficial partnerships with all our of neighbors
- practices fiscal responsibility
- can prioritize resources

Putting people first.

From listening at public hearings, to bringing my constituents concerns to the table, to expanding the reach of public notice, I will work to make sure your voice is heard.

I hope to earn your continued support and look forward to serving you as your Ward 1 City Council representative.


Jeff Hayner or visit me on Facebook/firstforjeff


If you would like to know more, read on!

You may have seen me speaking at public hearings, most often about:


Let's plan for generations to come. Let's protect the things that make Ann Arbor a special place. As host to the Huron River, we are charged with protecting Great Lakes Water resources. We need strong advocates for preservation of the Huron River watershed, our regional drinking water sources, and remaining open spaces & natural features. I will be that advocate. This is why I have earned the endorsement of the Huron Valley Chapter and the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Land Use

Parks and the character of our neighborhoods, both historic and new, are essential to Ann Arbor's quality of life and continued success. Proper & best land use, in keeping with our sustainability and environmental goals is one way to protect and manage growth wisely. We need to maintain a mix of uses to keep opportunities open for all.

Finances & Budget

Fiscal responsibility and prioritizing resources is a must. Ann Arbor has a high cost of living and high property values, with projected city revenues and assets nearing one-half of one billion dollars. We have a lot to work with. Our budget should reflect our community values.


To make a campaign contribution, you may also contact me via postal mail:

Jeff Hayner For City Council
1807 Pontiac Trail
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Checks payable to "Jeff Hayner for City Council"

Informed - Involved - Independent

All residents deserve equal hearing & equal opportunity.
My candidacy is not part of any political faction or slate.