Jeff Hayner Jeff Hayner for City Council

What does it mean to be an Independent?

Independent and impartial representation is essential for good city government. Our City Council is so politically biased that it is impossible for other voices to enter the conversation. These political biases go back years; what we are now seeing happen to our great city - the increasing wealth disparity, the rising taxes and fees, and the diminishing level of city services- is the result of political manipulations of the democratic process. A city as diverse as Ann Arbor cannot operate in the best interest of all it's citizens if it's so-called leadership is bound to a single ideology.

Independent means "No Party Affiliation". I am here to represent your concerns, not my politics. I think that our city council is made up of too many political busybodies, who their hide political and business agendas from the people they are elected to represent. I have no agenda, I have no debt to any political party, and I will represent you fairly and honestly.

Is it fair that some in the city receive all the benefits of city services, but pay nothing for these services?

Is it fair to continue to ask residents to foot more and more of the bill for fewer and fewer services?

Is it progressive to destroy the scale and history of our city by allowing maximum development and maximum density with no consideration of the costs that future generations will bear?

These are but a few of the concerns expressed to me by neighbors, business owners and friends; I will ask these questions at the council table, and fight for solutions to the real problems facing our city.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you might have to keep our city free and fair and desireable for all. I am currently gathering signatures to appear on the November ballot as an Independent candidate. You have a choice!


Jeff Hayner