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My campaign committee is continuing to meet. If you would like to join us, or just make a donation, you may.



Thank you for voting!

Hello - My name is Jeff Hayner. I ran for city council in the 1st Ward as an Independent candidate in the November 2013 General Election.

Thank you to everyone who helped my campaign, supported me, and voted for me. I had a great time meeting people, and sharing Ann Arbor experiences.

On election night, I was contacted by various news media and asked for a statement about the election results. This is what I said:

"I think it was a decent showing-considering the overwhelming financial and party support my opponent enjoyed. Of course I am disappointed by the loss. But that is tempered by the other favorable results tonight. I am thankful for everyone who voted, and who supported my campaign. We ran a positive, grass roots campaign, and I did my best to bring forgotten topics to the conversation. the support we received shows that business as usual is not acceptable. I am certain that a greater good will come from these early efforts."

So, what has happened since?

I continue to meet and speak with people, all over the city. I continue to be engaged in matters of importance to the 1st word, by organizing neighborhood events and participating in workshops, public hearings, and the schools. I have applied for seats on several boards and commissions, both at the city and county level.

I wish I had started my campaign sooner, the last few days of the campaign dozens of people contacted me asking for information about my campaign, our neighborhood, and my concerns about the city. And this continues. So I will be leaving this site up & active, and adding new features over the next few months, to continue to build the kind of community so many of us wish to share.

I want to hear from you!

For any reason at all, please contact me directly: or say hello if you see me at neighborhood events, or going door-to-door. Thanks for your support!

Voter information -Exercising your right to vote is one of the most important things you can do. Voting gives you a voice in what happens in our city, and it preserves your right to complain about things, too! Your Vote Counts!
For information on your ballot and where to vote, try either of these two sites:

VOTE 411 - The League of Women Voters Site

State of Michigan - Michigan Voter Information Center

First Ward residents vote at the following locations by precinct:

1-1, 1-2 - Michigan Union
1-3 - Community High School
1-4 - Ann Arbor Community Center on North Main
1-5, 1-6 - Northside Elementary School
1-7 - Pierpont Commons, North Campus
1-8 - Skyline High School
1-9 - Clague Middle School
1-10, Arrowwood Hills Community Center

Ward One precinct maps: as one page large document (PDF)

OLDER Business

News Updates -

Washtenaw County election results, starting November 5th at 8 p.m.

WEMU Candidate interviews for the First Ward:

Mention in the Michigan Daily - good reporting from the student newspaper.

Ann Arbor News report on elections and the downtown development.

Letter to the editor of the Ann Arbor News endorsing me for city council:

Endorsement Letter

News Articles The LWV forum, the Arrowwood Town-hall forum, and the Old West Side Voters forum turned out to be entertaining and informing. I have really enjoyed getting out and meeting everyone, and hearing everyone's views on what makes Ann Arbor great. At one event, CM Briere spelled out one of the many ways the city spends our tax money. In another forum, CM Briere indicated she was satisfied that her newsletter reaches 500 people - less than 3% of the residents of the First Ward. She also said that she would never trust the City with her newsletter, in response to this idea of mine, that would give the people new ways to communicate with the city.

Council Talk -

Remarks made before council on Conflicts of Interest. There is often the appearance of conflicts-of-interest in dealings on city council, boards and commissions. I addressed these at city council Public Hearing time.
These are my remarks.

Remarks made before City Council 9/16/2013 addressing the crosswalk ordinance and public safety.


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