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Endorsed by the Sierra Club

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I have received a number of endorsements or enthusiastic letters over the years. For example, in 2013 I received the endorsement of The Michigan Daily. This year I have the endorsement of the Sierra Club, local and state chapters. Below is a sampling of what our fellow residents have to say about my fitness for office.


"We can count on Jeff Hayner to be a knowledgeable, independent, and strong voice for all Ward 1 citizens."

Tom Stulberg
22-year Ward 1 resident and small business owner


"Jeff is very knowledgeable on a variety of local issues and is never afraid to speak truth to power. He cares deeply about our community and has proven that over and over again at both City Hall and neighborhood discussions."

Sumi Kailasapathy
Current Ward 1 Council Member


"Watching Jeff Hayner over the last few years consistently volunteer his time and expertise to wide-ranging local issues such as graffiti abatement, human rights, environmental concerns, pedestrian safety, and our schools (just to name a few), I am convinced he is the committed and knowledgeable leader we need. He unequivocally has my vote for Ward 1 representative."

Rebecca Arends
LMT, BS, business owner and 43 year Ann Arbor resident


"I am endorsing Jeff Hayner for City Council because I feel he will represent the whole city in fighting against the inappropriate development that is threatening the city we love."

Laura Strowe
Broadway neighborhood resident


"Just a note of support for Jeffery Hayner for City Council. He is a good family
man and has done excellent work for me in the past. I think he would be a great asset to the city."

Frank Bennett III


"Jeff Hayner consistently invests his passion and untold hours to shape Ann Arbor's local policies.

Jeff Hayner's challenger in the important August 7th election, Ron G clearly failed to debate with Jeff Hayner. Jeff led the topics while Ron came across as a nostalgic carpet-bagger. Jeff Hayner has fought for NorthSide A2 for decades. The difference in our choice of candidates was laid bare in the debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters on cable channel CTN. If you can't watch all 19 minutes of their debate, be sure to see the closing arguments in which Jeff Hayner compared civil service to the duty and commitment of love and marriage, while Ron G. was barely treading water.

Jeff Hayner is a long-time local leader with deep roots which connect us and he is a hard worker which partly explains his willingness to devote hours- waiting his turn to speak, and the unmatched attention to detail which need not be reiterated here.

Jeff is focused on our local outcomes and has been exceptional as a public servant, even before [we vote for him] to be our next Northside representative. "

Michael Flynn
Ward One resident, Pontiac Trail



When I applied to fill Sabra Briere's seat in 2016 many unsolicited letters were sent to city council on my behalf. I have decided to print parts of some of them here, with permission:


"We are writing to strongly support the appointment of Jeff Hayner to fill the vacating seat in the First Ward. We have been internet viewers of City Council proceedings for many years now and have had many occasions to observe Jeff and listen to his remarks before council. What we admire about Jeff is that he is 'real' - he is very clear what his positions are and his positions more often than not represent what the quieter, less affluent citizens are thinking. We will not get circumlocution and hidden agendas with Jeff. We will not get policy 'wonks'. We admire his watching the purse strings of the city: Many of us listen to expenditures being made for what some council members call 'such small amounts', amounts that take lower income residents of the city a lifetime to accumulate. We have not always agreed with him, but find ourselves agreeing with his positions to a higher degree than many other members on council."

Randall Jacob & Ann Lund
First Ward residents


"Jeff Hayner has my recommendation for a seat on City Council. I have known him for years and he has performed work for me. An honest person."

Ted Annis
Ward One resident and former AAATA Board Treasurer


" I've come to know Jeff recently as a client of his business, Saturate Studios. I value Jeff's workmanship, attention to detail and professional integrity. I've also had opportunity to have discussions with him about local politics and community issues. I've consistently found him knowledgeable, thoughtful and invested in positive outcomes for the City as a whole. While Jeff takes the time to look into issues deeply enough to have strong opinions, I'm also impressed by his ability to listen to new or differing information and integrate that further into his thoughts on a subject. We need more of that everywhere, but particularly in our government."

Marianne James
Third Ward resident and Executive Director of The Ark


"I would like to recommend Jeffrey Hayner as a replacement for departing Council Member Briere. In his 25 years as a 1st Ward resident he has been active in city affairs, volunteering for clean up projects & serving on the board of the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop. He has been active in the Safe Routes to School program, which promotes having safe routes for children to bike or walk to school as a means of increasing physical fitness of children. Preserving our water quality & open spaces have also been important issues for him.
Small businesses are important to the residents of the city, & as a small business owner he will help keep policies in place that make Ann Arbor a friendly place for small businesses to operate."

Best regards,
John Brundage
Ann Arbor resident


"Jeff is the best choice for many reasons —his passion for Ann Arbor, the people
and the land. He's smart and that's an understatement. He's an environmentalist.
He understands that many in A2, contrary to what some people may think, are not
wealthy, and high taxes are a real burden. He would be a fantastic addition to council."

L. Hunter
Ann Arbor resident

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